Wednesday, December 4, 2013

After a Hard Day’s Work

After we got the cattle shipped to stalks, the boys and I loaded in the pick-up with Elley and went to check the cattle that were still on the ranch.  We moved a few bunches to different pastures, fed all of them and then took a break to look around in an old barn.  With a few French fries and water in hand, the boys were set and full of questions for Elley.  It was a successful afternoon, but they were definitely ready to get out and play afterwards.

So, they swung a bit, dug a few holes, and threw some rocks in the pond.
britt_fisk_December 03, 2013_IMG_5375  britt_fisk_December 03, 2013_IMG_5379
John Paul was content just being in someone’s arms.britt_fisk_December 03, 2013_IMG_5382  Maybe he'll follow in his Daddy's college footsteps?britt_fisk_December 03, 2013_IMG_5385 britt_fisk_December 03, 2013_IMG_5391
And, Peter had a bit of business to take care of… britt_fisk_December 03, 2013_IMG_5394
They are all boy, and I love it! britt_fisk_December 03, 2013_IMG_5397

Have a great one!


  1. Aww, what a perfect afternoon! I love that they got to have some fun boy time with your parents!

  2. HA! The pic of Peter and his business made me chuckle out loud, not gonna lie. :)