Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Everyday: Volume 5

Not every day is the cookie making venture from inception to completion a total success.  Some days other factors weigh in, and you don't quite accomplish what you had envisioned   Case in point:  on the day we were to bake the cookies, I was feeding John Paul, and the house got very quiet (hint: not a good sign).  I started looking for the two crazy little guys and happened to find them in the middle of dumping all of my bath products in and around the bathtub.  Said children looked up smiling, while one said, "We need a baf!"  Yes, yes you do.

Mid-feeding I laid John Paul in bed and proceeded to bathe the the older two while he screamed his head off.  As I finished and went to tend to him, the very clean ones happened to dump the reachable shelves in the nursery closet in record time.  

So, the cooking making venture did not involve them that day :)

Instead, Jeremy and I made a quick batch of sugar cookies and iced them for Valentine's Day the next day.

Peter was happier with a muffin.
All was well until it was time for John Paul to eat again (the day after the closet dump), and that's where the story gets fun again!

I see two ornery boys walk through the living room into the kitchen, both smiling and one (the little guy) carrying a step stool.  My aunt had called and I was briefly talking to her when the not-so-good quiet returned.  I quickly got of the phone, walked into the kitchen, and found a party going on.  "Boy dese cookies sure are good," says Carter.

The counter top where the cookies were before the big dump...

And the results...

However, it was still a good Valentine's day, complete with our homemade Valentines...

balloons and toys...

and one very happy Mama!


  1. Haha....I love it!! That's called team work for Carter and Peter to have their little cookie party in the kitchen. And this picture of you and the boys? Priceless.


  2. Precious boys, even if they are a handful--I love that they are entertaining each other while you get to have one-on-one time with John Paul :) And happy late birthday! You are a BEAUTIFUL momma--I am glad you were showered with love and gifts on your special day!