Tuesday, December 4, 2012

QOTW: 12/4/12

We were driving to Mass in a nearby town last Saturday.  There was a truck beside us pulling a camper.  Carter asked over and over again what it was.  I responded that it was a camper.  His response: "It not a camper, Mom.  It a RV!"  Then I told him not to ask if he knew what it was (nice, huh - we have these conversations/arguments often).  Then he said, "MOM, I was just telling you, it a RV!"  Thanks Carter.

My grandma has the biggest Christmas tree ever in her house.  The boys and I went to visit last week, and Carter loved it!  He immediately asked if it had a star on top.  She said no, because the tree top was too tall and she couldn't reach it.  Carter comes back with, "Well, just get a ladder, you silly!"

"I will have two bruders!  Peter will live here (pointing to the car seat on the left side of him), and John Paul will live here (pointing to the other), and I will be the BIIIGGG brother!"  I hope that excitement continues!

In Mass, a friend of our parents came to sit with us.  He greeted us (after Mass had started) and Carter looked at him, put his finger to his lips and told him to be quiet!  As with the previous comment, I need to help him distinguish between what is okay for Mommy to say to him and what is okay for him to say to other adults.  Oops.

Carter has been having a blast pretending that it is Jeremy or my birthday every other day and making us a pretend cake.  When we told him how much we appreciated it, he said, "Oh, you're MIGHTY welcome!"

Carter: "Will you take me to the North Pole?" 
Me: "Not tonight; we're going to see your cousins."
Carter: "Papa will take me."

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  1. I need to start doing this for Canon. I loved reading these :)