Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Preparations...

Before John Paul arrived, we got most of our Christmas preparations finished and were really enjoying some family time in the evenings. 
Carter experienced his first watching of The Polar Express and loved every second.  We made chocolate-covered graham crackers and all enjoyed the movie.

Peter might have enjoyed the graham crackers more than the movie...

We decorated our tree and loved it for two days before Jeremy and I decided to take all of the ornaments (minus the 4-6 broken ones) back down...

A sweet lady in town has made each of the boys a stocking as soon as they have arrived.  They mean so much to me and the boys seem to love them, too!
 On our second movie night, we watched A Curious George Christmas.  Here is a take on Carter's increasing level of excitement as the movie was loading.  Maybe it had a bit to do with the smores we made, too :)

Peter looking from Carter to the TV and back again trying to understand why he was so fixated on the screen. 

Then came Saint Nicholas Day!  The boys left their boots/shoes by the Christmas tree on the night of December 5th and woke up to a few PJs and new Christmas ornaments - globes!

And our newest Christmas gift...
Since John Paul has arrived, we've watched a few more Christmas cartoons, made spiced sugar cookies, opened a door to a new magnet every day for our Advent calendar and have continued lighting our Advent wreath.  It's been a blessed season thus far, with the gift of our new baby boy, and we've been able to sit back and take it all in.  We couldn't ask for anything more!


  1. Again! I can't thank you enough for this. I LOVE these posts-- I feel like I get to be there. I cannot WAIT to see you all this week. You are amazing, my sweet sister!

  2. I second the love... This post made me a little teary-eyed! I am so thankful mamas like you exist. Your family is beautiful! We need to come visit y'all on the ranch :) Merry merry Christmas, Fisk Fam!