Tuesday, October 30, 2012

QOTW: 10/30/12

Since Carter's goose egg, he's really lived up the fact that he got a big bump (and has let everyone he knows know about it).  He was sitting on my lap one day and wanted to slide off (a similar thing he was doing when he got the bump).  Before he did he said, "I am still a itty bit nervous!"

Jeremy and I took the boys for a stroller ride awhile back.  It is at times a more enjoyable ride if Carter has a snack size bag of skittles.  He apparently was finished with them, and I rolled over the skittle bag as we walked.  He then said that he had trash.  Well, Jeremy tried to give him a lesson in not littering and telling us before he just threw it down.  Midway through the lesson, Carter starts yelling, "MOMMY, DADDY, I HAVE TRASH!!  I.HAVE.TRASH!!"  A little too late.

Anytime we get to see grandparents or go somewhere in the car these days, Carter gets a huge grin and says, "I feel weally excited!"

After a few stories before naptime, I told Carter to sleep well.  He said, "I will Momma - the angels sleep with me."  I really think there is a special relationship between children and God.

At lunch Carter was enjoying whatever it was I fixed that day and said, "You're a good cookie (cook), Momma!"  So sweet.

Carter loves tools, building, fixing, you name it.  As I was making dinner the other day, Carter pulled out my tiny step ladder, and a ruler.  He then set it up by the back door and climbed up with his ruler.  I asked him what he was doing and he replied, "I'm just makin sure it's level."

Carter has a little Mass kit to help him learn about Church.  He is really excited about the Eucharist these days.  We were playing with it last week and he got the little foam wafer and said "The Body of Christ. Amen." and stuffed it in his mouth.  Well, it got stuck and before I could pull it out, he threw up everywhere.  Maybe next time, God.

Carter and Peter sometimes have a hard time sharing.  Well, most times.  I understand both perspectives, though - Peter grabs everything Carter is playing with (usually the bottom Lego in a tall Lego tower).  However, if Peter is playing with something on his own, Carter often grabs it and suddenly needs it, too.  It's a no win.  When Carter and I were building a tower, Peter proceeded to pull the bottom piece out, again.  Carter started shaking and poking Peter in the chest, yelling, "Be Wheat (sweet) Peter, Be Wheat!"  It didn't work.

Carter loves to talk to people in the drive-up, on the street, in the store, wherever we may be.  He always says, "Hi!" really loudly and then follows it up with "Whas your name?"  If people don't respond, he shrugs his little shoulders, looks at me and says, "Oh, dey didn't hear me."  Sometimes, I know they do!  Talk to kids, people!  Anyway, he even does it with characters in books.  Yesterday while reading a Mickey Mouse book:  "Hi Mickey.  My name Carter, and I have lotsa brothers." 


  1. Precious boys! I can't believe you'll be posting about 3 baby boys soon. Praying that you are feeling okay and getting some sleep at night.

    Sometimes people ignore Lofton, too, when we are out and about and it seriously makes my blood pressure rise...glad to know it's not just my child they chose to "not hear" :)

  2. Oh my gosh...Carter is the cutest thing in the world. How dare people ignore him! And seriously, the Eucharist story had me almost in tears. Bless his little heart.