Thursday, October 11, 2012

QOTW: 10/11/12

Last night I went for a walk (trying to keep going and going and not get too tired with #3).  When I returned, Carter was taking a bath.  I looked in on him (don't worry, Jeremy was supervising), and he said, "Mommy, it is a weally big pwoblem.  I got a goose egg!"  Poor little guy fell into a chair and had a large knot on the side of his head to show for it.  Funny thing is, on my walk, I had an overwhelming feeling that Carter was hurt...that he had a concussion.  Bizarre.  Thankfully it wasn't that bad, whew! 

This morning, Jeremy and I were talking about the goose egg incident more and Carter just kept saying, "It's all my fault."  God bless him.

Last week, Carter unscrewed his milk cup and poured it on the floor as we were eating.  It had been a frustrating long day, and after Carter was reprimanded, Jeremy had a bad mood look on his face.  Carter got in his face, raised his little hands as if he had no clue what was going on and said, "What da problem, Daddy?"

At times Peter doesn't like to eat things one at a time.  Instead, he goes for a whole handful at a time.  After doing just that, I said something along the lines of "Peter has a mouthful."  Carter then leaned over from where he was sitting and said, "Slow down, Peter.  SLOW DOWN."

On our way to Church we were going over the same things we always do: be quiet, we're there to see Jesus, etc.  Carter then looked at me and said, "Mommy, I will meet Jesus someday." 

While staying with PaPa and Elley one night last week, Carter discovered some of my brother's old toy trucks.  He was in love, but it was time to go back home.  When they would get ready to head out the door, Carter would run to my mom with his little index finger pointed straight up, and huge eyes, asking, "Just one more vroom, okay?"  Then he would run back to the room with the trucks and scoot them across the floor one time.  I bet the "one more vroom" happened about ten times.

RoRo is really amazing at sending things in the mail.  She doesn't forget a special day, and she makes a lot of ordinary days special for others, too.  So, on our way to Church last week, we picked up our mail.  In it was a package from RoRo with some Fall trail mix and a couple of pumpkin iced cookies.  I gave Carter a bite of the trail mix, and he said, "Yummm.  I bet RoRo loves to eat dis stuff.  I will need to say, thank you RoRo."

Happy Thursday everyone!

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  1. Yea....pretty sure I ate two bags of RoRo's trail mix myself. Carter is right, it's really good! :)