Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What We've Been up to...

We have had an eventful last few days filled with friends and family! On Friday, the boys and I went over to one of my best friends' homes - who just happens to be living in Clayton again, raising two little girls.  I cannot tell you how much her friendship, and our childrens' friendships mean to me.  We always have fun together...sharing parenting advice and just watching the kiddos be silly. 

Jeremy came over after work, and we had dinner together and stayed awhile to chat.  He's so happy to have these friends, too.  While there, Carter experienced his first pony ride on Rachel, their miniature horse.  He lasted about 30 seconds!

Then, he decided their lawn might need mowing...

This is their precious daughter, a firecracker, who keeps Carter on his toes!  She's three months older than him, and they have the best time playing.

Saturday evening, we went to the vigil service for Palm Sunday Mass.  Since we won't be home for Easter, I put them in their Easter outfits.  Carter clearly loves pictures and made the following ones just lovely, don't you think?

Saturday night, we had a pizza party with my cousin and her family.  She has three little ones: Lily, Luke and Lara - Carter is in Heaven with them.  And, Sunday we had a stop-in from MiMi and Pops - always a blessing in our day!  The boys have the most amazing grandparents on both sides!

Sunday is our day of rest and normally our only full day together as a family.  So, we try to keep the schedule clear to just enjoy each other and celebrate the Sabbath.  We have a little bit lot of work to do in this area, since I typically like to "catch up" with household chores and get ready for the next week on Sunday.  However, this Easter season/Lent has been such a blessing in teaching me to slow down, enjoy life and rest on His day.  So, on Sunday, Jeremy and Carter took a little walk out to the water tank to throw some rocks in the moss...

All of that hard work made Carter hungry for his newest favorite snack, raisins...

Peter enjoyed being in his swing and smiling for the camera...

Sunday night, thunderstorms moved in, with a much needed rain and some wind we could have done without.  Little did we know (until we woke up freezing at 5:15 am) that the winds had caused power outages around 10 pm.

The boys woke up cold and we "roughed it" without water and heat until about 11 am.  Peter was happy to have his winter hat...

And Carter and I went to fetch some water from Mom and Dad's spring, so that Peter could have his bottles.  We have matching coats and Uggs (unplanned...something I am sure a boy loves...matching his Mommy :)

Now we're just preparing for Easter and Christ's Resurrection.  Have a blessed one!


  1. Colt kept saying "dat's funny" to the one of Peter in the hat! Happy Easter! Love you all!

  2. It's like non-stop adorable-ness over there!! Love these pictures!