Friday, April 13, 2012

QOTW: Oldies and Newbies...

Carter has been full of it these last few days, keeping us laughing and on our toes...

"Sit down!"
We spend our Mass time in the cry room, since Carter is a bit young to be quiet throughout the entire Mass, and Peter pipes up a lot.  Well, last week during Mass, we were joined in the cry room by another boy (about 3-4 years old) and his father.  They were behind us and the boy was running up and down the pew.  Apparently Carter had had enough, so he turned around and yelled for him to sit down.  Glad I couldn't see their faces.

"Too bumpy little boys, Mommy"
I've been getting a lot of use out of our new stroller.  Wednesday morning, we had a little extra time, so I decided to extend our route.  In doing so, we had to cross maybe a mile of pasture.  About a quarter mile into it, I realized I had made a wrong decision, but I couldn't turn back.  It was way too rough, the boys were tired, and I had no snacks (luckily about a quarter mile from the house, Mom came to our rescue).  Needless to say, Carter let me know quickly that it was way too bumpy for little boys.  Lesson learned. 

"No!  Dirty gapes (grapes)."
Papa and Elley kept the boys Wednesday night.  After naps, I was hurrying to get them ready to go to their house.  Carter wasn't eating a bit of his lunch, so I told him he needed to eat before we left.  He said he wanted some grapes.  I decided I didn't need to wash them (didn't think I had time), and cut them all up and put them in a baggie.  When I handed them to Carter, he said the above.  It would have been faster to wash them the first time.  Another lesson learned.

"NEED, Diet coke, Jacquie. NEED it."
Last week I got a call from a friend of ours, named Jacquie.  She was going to come visit for a few hours and asked if I wanted a coke.  I told her I would like a diet coke.  She then asked about Carter.  I said he didn't need anything.  He could have milk at the house.  Carter wasn't far from me when I was talking to her on the phone and started yelling that he really did need a diet coke. 

All the way to and from our Easter trip to Amarillo, Carter had something to say.  He never quit.  Well, about 30 miles from home, around 9pm, he was fighting to stay awake and must have run out of things to say.  Things were quiet until he screamed that someone bit his finger.  Charlie, anyone?

"You fulla bologna."
When Carter was eating some bologna last week, Pops taught him to say, "You are full of bologna."  So, when Papa told Carter something this week, that was Carter's response.  Oops!

"LOOK!  Baby forsee (horsey)"
My brother's mare had a baby this week, and Carter is in love!

There are a few quotes of Carter's I don't want to forget, so although they happened a few months ago, they are still pretty cute.

"Ohhhh nooo, Mama, OH NO!"
When Carter was about 17 months old, I was having a conversation with Jeremy about how I needed to stop eating so much candy.  It had become a bad habit.  The next day I was feeding Peter and had a Hershey kiss.  I didn't have time to put the wrapper in the trash so I put it in the drawer of the side table next to the couch (where I was feeding Peter.)  Later that afternoon, I forgot about it, and Carter found the wrapper.  Thank you, Candy Police!

*Sign of the Cross*
When putting up dishes at about 17 months, Carter saw that the soap dispenser in the dish washer was open and full of water.  He dipped two fingers in, tapped his chest and yelled, "Amen!"

"All Aboard!"
At 15 months, when I told Carter his middle name was Thomas, his eyes got huge and he yelled the above!  Now, he tells people his middle name is Thomas Train.

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  1. Um.....I officially love this child. Seriously, this made my day!