Friday, March 30, 2012

QOTW: March 30, 2012

"Havin' fun, Momma!"
We got a new Bob stroller this week so we can take the boys for walks down our long, bumpy road.  Carter has never been much of a stroller fan, but apparently this one has changed his mind.

"Happy Birt-day to me"
For some reason Carter has been saying this lately...though we're two months from his actual birthday.

"Dood mornin, Tarter"
Carter says this now (in a high pitched voice - somehow I believe he might be mimicking me) when we go to get him out of bed in the mornings.

"Free blind mice", "Itty bitty spider", "Woah boat" or "Faywoah (Pharoh)"
quickly followed by, "Do it, Daddy!"
Carter has been really into singing lately.  However, he only sings the first line and then wants us to sing the rest.  We were driving home from Amarillo a few days ago, and Carter started excitedly yelling "Faywoah" from the back seat.  When we finally figured out what he was saying (after he included some of his Egyptian hand movements), we started singing the song; and as we neared the end, he'd shout, "Again, again!"  Well, Jeremy wasn't singing quite as loud and enthusiastically as Carter preferred, so Carter started yelling, "Do it, Daddy!"


  1. yea!! you got the stroller!! do you like it??? your boys are gorgeous!!! and so sweet!

    1. I LOVE it!! Best purchase ever - by my parents :). Thanks for the advice! Such a sweet comment coming from the mom of the world's most precious kids!