Monday, March 19, 2012

Peter: 5 months

Peter turned five months old on Saturday.  I am sure I will say this a thousand or more times, but it is going by way too fast!  I thought Carter's first year was fast; it doesn't even begin to compare to Peter's.  Although I would like time to slow down, I do love the little moments so very much and am thankful for each new day.  Being Carter and Peter's mom is the greatest blessing, and I thank God daily for trusting these two little souls to us for the time being!

A little bit about Peter at this age:

Weighs about 17 pounds.
Is about 27 inches long.
Wears anything from 6 month to 12 month clothing.
Drinks 5 bottles/day equalling almost 37 ounces of formula with added rice.
Eats (has tried) green beans, peas, avocados and squash.  I didn't say "eat" because he would rather laugh and spit the food everywhere when we try to feed him.
Is still on Zantac and is still spitting up a ton.
Rolls over both ways, although infrequently.
Laughs a lot.
Smiles all the time.
Takes a 1-2 hour nap after every feeding during the day (4) and goes down for the night after a 6:30 feeding.
Wakes between 5:30 and 6:30 every morning.
Doesn't like a pacifier.
Sucks on the two middle fingers of his left hand or his right thumb to go to sleep.
Doesn't like being swaddled.
Loves when people talk to him.

If I only had one word to describe Peter at this point, it would be joyful.  He has got a grin that is contagious, with a deep dimple in his left cheek, and he loves to smile!  He does not need much...really just a bottle of milk and a lot of love.  Peter is a cuddler (something we prayed for since Carter is not).  With that comes many sweet moments of hugs, holding and smiles.  It has also meant that he has had a more difficult time being alone, especially alone in his crib.  So, he slept through the night (11ish hours) consistently at almost four months (about a month later than Carter).  And he is a much lighter sleeper!  Beyond that, he makes us feel as though we are his whole world when we are around, especially when he has our undivided attention.  Even with the sleep mishaps, we are incredibly grateful for such a sweet, sweet boy.

First, a comparison of Carter and Peter at 5



More Peter...


And, soothing himself to sleep...

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  1. Britt-I had no idea you had a blog! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to see pictures of your sweet boys and catch up on your life! Hope you guys are doing well. Much love from Tennessee!