Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Another year, another sweet birthday from the family!  Jeremy ordered hotdogs from Portillos, since we love a good Chicago dog, and it's always a crowd pleaser.  He added some tamales this time, too.  While they weren't the typically New Mexico tamales we are used to, they were still so good!  My sweet mom made a strawberry cake (a childhood favorite), and they came to celebrate with us!

What I love most about my birthdays now is the excitement from the kids!  Sure, I love celebrating with family (I am not that into a big party with everyone singing me happy birthday, though), but seeing the kids' faces when they wake up to scream happy birthday to me is really what makes it all.

We had to have hats, and Henry even wore one.  

And, he wasn't too sad about a piece of cake to celebrate another birthday either!

God also painted the sky so beautifully that February evening...reminding me that it's not really about me at all, ever.  It's always about Him and noticing the very life He's given us.  

Sure, I love a good giftcard or a fun surprise, but as each birthday comes, I'm able to reflect a bit more on the life in these years and not just the packages on this day.  I've got my seven greatest blessings in my home every single day, my two greatest examples living just minutes away, and a way of life that allows for a slower pace and the opportunity for a bit more reflection.

Sure, I often fail in the day-to-day to sit and reflect on those blessings.  I notice them in waves, and I fail to notice them, too.  But, on my birthday this year, they were so obvious.  I know I said it's been a long winter in my last post, and it has in ways.  But, there is always good.  Always.  And, I really have so much to thank God for. 

You included!

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