Monday, January 1, 2018

The End and The Beginning

We finished the year off with a bang, family style.  Jeremy got a pasta maker for Christmas, and so we decided to make lasagna rolls!  As soon as the kids were down for naps after lunch, we got to it!  I made fresh tomato sauce, and he started rolling out the pasta dough!  Maybe four hours later, dinner was served!

We had a candle-lit dinner with all of the kids, and it was so much fun!  What was even better is that they didn't see the tomatoes and spinach in the lasagna rolls and gobbled them right up, saying it was the best.meal.ever!  Win, win.

The entire time Gen just wanted to blow out the Advent candles that we had not lit until last night (you know, after Advent).

 So, she finally did.

Then, we started the first morning of 2018 with popovers! 
I am always amazed at how quickly another year comes and is gone.  After Christmas, I'm always sad it is over, and by the time the next one rolls around, I can't believe we've spent another year already.  I sometimes find myself aching for what has gone yet looking forward for what's to come simultaneously.  

Yet, our lives are full.  So very full.  We are able to spend more time with our babies than a lot of people.  We are blessed to see the joy of His creation daily.  While schooling can at times be so frustrating, I also get to be with these little ones so much more than if I sent them to school, and for that I'm extremely grateful.  I have parents and in-laws most would die for.  I am married to a man who is so extremely selfless, and we do this parenting gig/vocation together, always.  I am surrounded by beautiful friends both in my community and this amazing online community.

I have my faith.  I have my health.  And, I have a new day to spend as I choose.  I don't always choose best.  I get frustrated too quickly, often.  I vow to not do things one day and then find myself doing them the very next day.  I don't always appreciate the blessings right before my eyes.  I don't often live as if there might not be a tomorrow.  I let myself get hurt.  I let myself hold onto things too long.  I do not always choose to love.

This year, I want to do better.  I want to put God first, always, even when it's not the easy choice.  I want my husband to feel that he is always my number one person here.  I want my kids to go to bed at night knowing without a doubt that I adore each one of them.  I want to reach out more.  I want to care for others better.  I want to worry less.  I want to have more peace.  I want to be better.

I'll fail, I know.  I'll wish I did things differently.  But, this year, I want to try to pick up, move on, and strive toward Heaven...detached and humble.  Welcome, 2018!

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