Monday, October 30, 2017

Oh How They Love Him

My gosh how the kids love Henry!  We all do, really.  But, what a blessing this has been to see.

They want to be there when he wakes up, feed him his bottle when he's hungry, and help everyone else know just what he needs (even my grandma who clearly knows).  

He sees them, and his face lights up!

They see him, and theirs do the same.

I guess I just never really expected this.  I mean, sure, I loved my siblings growing up, and I don't remember what it was like to be four years old.  But, these, they show me how to love.  Who sits in the Church pew and looks around, pointing to Henry hoping someone will see him and love him, too?  They do.

Yes, they fight.  Yes, they say mean things to each other.  But, when all the stars align, you should see their love.  And, while I know there is that love in families of every size, I am so grateful to see it in ours.  They truly do take care of each other.  They truly do serve each other.  And, they truly do love each other.

Sophie picked up a toy catalog this week and mentioned something in it that each of her siblings would love before she asked for anything herself.

Genevieve was recently having a hard time learning not to say "no" to Mom and Dad.  When she was about to get into trouble for doing so, Peter went over to her, taking her hands, and gently saying, "Say yes ma'am" quickly followed by, "Momma, I don't think she understands."

John Paul was the first one up this week when his daddy left early for work and his momma missed her alarm.  Instead of yelling that he needed something, he made breakfast for everyone.

Getting out of the van to go to speech, Carter yelled to Sophie, "I hope you have the best time with your new friends while you're away!"

They share laughs, help when others are sad and try to be the best they can.  

I'm constantly amazed by their love and am so thankful they are mine.

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