Friday, September 22, 2017

Learning to Ride

When I was young, we helped with cattle work a lot.  That meant I was riding before I started school. I loved it and never thought anything of it.  But, for some reason, I haven't made it a priority with my kids.  Yes, I want them to know how to ride and to feel comfortable and confident doing so.  But, I haven't felt a need to rush that.

So, when Sugarfoot is in the pens, and when it's a good time, we get him out and practice in the round pen.  This was one of those days...

It goes a bit like this:  We have one serious rider who loves it.

We have one who could take it or leave it.

(with a little help from his brother trying to get the horse to go faster)

We have one who would prefer a bunking bronc.

And one who just loves to do anything her brothers do.

Thank goodness they have the best teachers and are able to learn to ride when they can!

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