Monday, January 2, 2017

Looking into a New Year

Yesterday was the perfect start to the New Year.  Having gone to Mass the night before, we woke up, had a few popovers and spent the day playing games, doing a little art and watching a movie.  And, we didn't forget our black-eyed peas, thank goodness!

I wanted the kids to draw something they hope for for the New Year.  
Carter thought of two things: 1) That Mommy and Daddy love each other every day.

And...2) that we count to ten before we get angry (haha!).

Peter hoped for a lot of rain and green grass and trees...
John Paul drew a giant river.

Jeremy wants to focus more on family, reading and exercise...

And, Sophie just wanted lots of pink, and to be right by her daddy.

Gen even participated, as a watcher.

In the end, Peter drew all of his family and wanted to thank God for each one.

We finished off the day with a game of darts...

...some funny little cookies...

and a hearty meal.

Whatever 2017 brings, we're ready for it...hoping to embrace life's blessings in whatever form they come!

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