Thursday, December 31, 2015

John Paul Turns Three

On December 8th, our sweet John Pauly turned three!  Stop, stop, stop time.  It was a really low-key birthday, as Genevieve was still so tiny, but he didn't seem to mind a bit.  We had a birthday cake pancake to start the day, a giant oreo cake, a picnic celebration with grandparents, and a new little driving machine to wrap it all up.  He spent the day wanting to call people and sing happy birthday! It was perfect.

The icing had to be tested for poison of course!

A tradition in our house...the You Are Special plate.

Some of the highlights of the past three years...

We had a little photoshoot...

And, he and momma had a fun game of Hungry Hippos...

John Paul the Hungry Hippo

Sophie joined in for a bit.

They each got a little tub paint, and it might have been their favorite part of the day.

John Paul decided to try to ride his balloon.

And, we played a little kid Jenga.  So fun!

And, this was ridden all morning the next day...

Happy, happy birthday, sweet boy.

John Paul, this is you at three:

You love to make others laugh!  Right now, your favorite joke is the muffin joke.
You are extremely animated, and when your siblings bother you, you shout, "Are you serious, you big bully?!!!"
You love anything sweet.
You can talk your way into or out of almost anything.
You hate it when your shirt becomes "tucked out."
You sleep with about six stuffed animals/items (a blanket, three giraffes, one cow, and just recently added...a seal).
You adore your little sisters...unless Sophie is bullying you, which she does quite often.
Blue is your favorite color.
Picnic-styled meals are your favorite.
Boots and your "rock and roll" pants (levi jeans) are always your choice.
You love tools.
You are so fun to give things to because you act as if each gift is the best gift you've ever received.
You mooned your brother the other day.  Yeah, I don't know where you saw that, but hopefully it's the last time that happens.
You always randomly say, "Momma, I love you" and it gets me every time.
You have the orneriest grin I've ever seen, and sometimes it makes it hard to discipline you.
You understand humor and you use it to your advantage.
Since you started talking, it's like talking to a little adult.
You never stop talking.
You're as tough as they come.
You love Tom & Jerry.
You give the very best hugs.
You like to give kisses but you only want to do it if the other person "doesn't kiss you back."
You love to use your scissors to cut things.
You get embarrassed when I have little dance parties.
You've never met a stranger.

You're a ball of fire and we don't know what we'd do without you...probably laugh a lot less and love less deep.  We'd be lost without you, little guy!

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