Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Peter is Three

Yes.  It's been another year.  This little man is three, as of last Friday.  And, I'm finally blogging it up. So, just a little recap of the man of the hour: Peter is a strong-willed little guy.  He definitely has his mind set on certain things and rarely is swayed.  Yet, juxtaposed to that will is one of the softest hearts imaginable.  He's as sweet as can be to his baby sister, and the thought of you being upset with him sends him into hysteria.  As I've mentioned before, he's in an "army" phase (most call it camo, but don't tell him).  He loves everything "army" and drives his little jeep with reckless abandon.  He's an animal lover, and he'll gladly help the guys with any work they have to do.  He's attached to his little horse blanket ("neigh-neigh"), and his blue blanket is rarely far from his side.  Ice cream is his favorite treat, and he loves to have time to himself.  Sometimes I wonder if we were alike as kids. He isn't much of a cuddler and can be unbearably shy.  He's definitely one who requires a bit more figuring out, and his soul...it's so good.  Just like Saint Peter, he's a little rock and will be forever strong.

Onto the party.  I never think the kids will even know what is going on (in terms of a birthday party this early in life), but I'm always wrong when it comes to being three.  They know.  Boy, do they know.  

I say this every year, but my mom always made a huge birthday poster for us, detailing (in pictures) our lives throughout the years.  It was one of my favorite things about my birthday.  So, I've tried to carry on the tradition.  
Since Peter loves army things so much, we decided to go with a army party theme.  Now, when I say theme, I mean a few coordinated utensils, favors and maybe a banner.  I am not your party planning mom by any means.  But, it works for us.
With that in mind, I knew we (Jeremy and I) had to make these.  And, we did.  They were so fun...until I iced them.  How can something go from army to witch's hat/Halloween in seconds? Look.  That's how.
Oh well.  The taste didn't change.
We have enough cousins in the area that when we have a party, it's typically just family.  When people started arriving, I looked to find Peter.  And, half the presents were already opened.  Thank-you writing might be very general, as I have no clue who gave what.  But, he was loving it!

 I went outside to check on the kids and found this...
 ...secure in her army bunk.

Carter managed to get a few more cuts in need of bandaids.
When I talked to Jeremy about an army theme, he said he might put together a little obstacle course. Honestly, I wasn't sure it would work.  The oldest at the party would be seven, and well, I didn't think they'd be that into it.  Was I ever wrong!!  It was the "life of the pary!"

There were tunnels...
 ...a hay maze...
 ...a gunny sack pull...

 ...a wall climb...
...a crawl under the wire...

...a tire thing...
 ...and a balance activity.

To say they loved it is an understatement!

Carter was in.tense!

 Peter was a bit concerned about the dirt in his new boots.

 Rett has always been so sweet to the little ones!
 And, you'd never know Gentry was the only girl there.
There were prizes for the finishers.
 A very typical face...
 ...and a gate decoration?
 Finally, we had cupcakes, and ice cream.

 And, they asked if they could sleep in the new army tent.
He woke up to this.
When I asked him his favorite part of the day, he responded, "All da people came for me, Momma!"

I would call that a success.


  1. This is the most adorable thing. I just love that he had such a great party!

  2. He's such a cutie! And it looks like had the perfect party.

  3. Okay so you guys throw the best little boy birthday party ever!!!! I'm coming to the next one haha! All just so cute, happy birthday!!!

  4. Oh sweetness! Happy birthday to your little guy!!

    What a fantastic party! The obstacle course was a riot, but not as funny as the captions you wrote up ;)

  5. Once again, you guys win for having the most FUN things for little boys to do! What lucky guys you have! Happy birthday to Peter!

  6. What a super fun day. Glad you had fun celebrating your little man turning three. What sweet memories!

  7. That party looks like every little boy's dream! Happy birthday to Peter!