Thursday, September 27, 2012

Your Christmas Traditions?

So, I've been thinking about Christmas a lot.  A lot.  And, as our boys get older, I want them to know that as secular as Christmas can become, we truly celebrate it for One Reason.

In thinking about that, I want to try and set the stage for future years.  I tend to get bogged down in getting everyone the "perfect" gift, making sure it costs enough (crazy, I know), trying to do as much for others as they do for me, etc...and all it leaves me with is anxiety.  I never feel like I do enough, like the gift is special enough, like the wrapping is good enough, and then I just worry and would rather not see the receiver open it.  Have I lost my mind???

With all that said, I read a host of blogs last year outlining what others do to celebrate Christmas...3 gifts for each child representing the 3 gifts Jesus received from the Magi, no Santa gifts, only Santa gifts, stockings or no stockings, celebrations of St. Nicholas Day, and the list goes on.

I tend to want to do ALL traditions rather than pick just a few and the anxiety starts back up, ha!

So, I'm asking, what do you do to make the season special?  What do you do to keep the focus on Jesus?  What, for you, makes Christmas the most wonderful time of the year?

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  1. Hey friend - we do all we can to keep Christ in Christmas around here! Our children each receive three gifts - as Jesus did. Santa is not a part of any of our celebrations in any way. They know the true story of Saint Nick and who he was and what he did. We read scripture... talk through the Christmas story... I'll try to find info on some of the materials we have to use with the kids - and I'll get those sent to you! You are doing an amazing job raising your sweet family! Keep your eyes focused on Him!