Monday, December 13, 2010

6 months...

Well, we have a big boy on our hands. At his 6 month well-check, these were his stats:
weight: 20.1 lbs (95%)
height: 28 in (97%)
head: size of a 16 month old
His dumb mom also agreed to a flu shot for him on top of the cold he already had. All that did was give the poor little guy a 104.8 fever in addition to his congestion. He is much better and happier now, but it was a tough couple of days.
Other things he's doing:
rolling over and over
sitting up (maybe I should call it "leaning up")
eating veggies and fruits and cereal
screaming for fun
wearing 9 month or larger clothing
pursing his lips
blowing bubbles
clearing his throat all the time
smiling and giggling at his friend in the mirror
loving pictures of his family
adoring his daddy
laughing without being tickled
and overall, being a content and happy baby!

Ready for winter...

Mom dressed me (all about the warmth)...

An outtake...

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