Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who Only Updates Their Blog Every 7 Months? That Would Be Me.

As you can clearly see, I’m not so great at keeping up with this blog…maybe a more fitting word to describe my lack of updating is “horrible.” An update every 7 months…I should do better than that. The problem is that I never know what to write or what anyone will care about reading. So, I’ve decided that I’ll keep the blog more as a little journal of the day to day happenings in our life, hoping to someday have enough entries to serve as a sort of “history of us.” Also, it will be a way to keep in touch with family and friends who are so close to our hearts but father away physically than we would like.

So, I’ll try to do a little recap of the last seven months:

In October, Jeremy and I found out that we are expecting a child…due June 17th! We couldn’t be happier to add a member to the family, and the past few months have definitely been centered on preparing for the baby and making some major life decisions accordingly.

At almost 17 weeks:

We were able to make a trip to San Antonio right after we got the news to celebrate my college roomate Stephanie's beautiful marriage to Jarrett.

In December, we were told that the little one is a boy! How much fun it will be to have a little guy running around the house…and hopefully a big brother to a sister someday. December was also the last month of my short tenure at Mary Abbott Children’s House. While a wonderful organization that is so desperately needed, it wasn’t the best fit for me emotionally. So, with the support of an amazing husband, I retired early (VERY early).

Our first Christmas tree as a married couple:

Eggnog might become a Christmas tradition:

First Christmas together:

In January, we took an early “babymoon.” In the middle of what seemed to be the coldest winter for us in a long time, we went to sunny Scottsdale, AZ for a few days. While there we managed to get a round of golf in (Jeremy playing, me keeping score), cheer the Horned Frogs on in the Fiesta Bowl, go on daily hikes, shop a little, and just relax in our beautiful surroundings.

I also got to spend a girls weekend in Dallas with two of my best friends from college (Lindsay and Erin) who are also pregnant!!

Since then, Jeremy has been hard at work on his thesis in a geophysics master’s program, and I have been a stay-at-home-mom in waiting. What a blessing it has been to have this time to see Jeremy more and to be able to do little things here and there to support him through this busy time with school. He will complete his master’s degree sometime between May and August of this year.

In March, Jeremy and I made a decision that will shape our future together. Rather than continue with a PhD in geophysics here at OU, we have decided to move back to where I was raised (Clayton, NM) and join my dad, mom and brother in the ranching business. It will be a big change for both of us, being that I haven’t lived there since high school, and Jeremy hasn’t lived in the country before. But we think it will be a wonderful place to raise a family and grow even closer as husband and wife. We’ll be working together daily and enjoying the closeness to our Creator that a life in agriculture can bring. Plus, we’ll be so much closer to both sides of our family – such a huge blessing for us! Moving plans aren’t finalized, but we hope to be in New Mexico by the first of August.

Finally, we’ve put our house on the market here and hope to have a buyer before we leave.

Attached are some progression pics of the pregnancy. If I can keep this up, expect posts of our final appointments with the baby doctor and updates on our move. Again, this will be more of a memory book for us than anything else, so hopefully I can do a better job . Love and blessings!

18 weeks:

24 weeks

28 weeks:

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  1. You look amazing. I am sad to hear you are moving, but very excited about this new change for you both. Miss you tons beautiful!!